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Erin is Our Most Recent Update
Age: 19, 5'6", 36D-26-35
77 min. Video, 391 Photos
Released: Fri. Aug. 22, 2014
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FTV Update Erin: Addison's best friend gets introduced to FTV, experiencing her first time in adult! She's 19, and quite enthusiastic about shooting. With her cute look, and very large, firm natural breasts, she's an exciting addition to the site! We meet the girls at a cafe, Erin being introduced -- and in no time the girls are flashing and playing with each others' breasts out in the open! People take notice, and its time to leave... Out at another location, a jogging trail, Addison helps take off Erin's top, and we see her big perfect breasts in their full glory. Then putting on a cute blue summer dress and tall wedges, she goes to a park and gives us some nice upskirt views & downblouse shots. Addison comes to play as well, spreading her butt and playing with her breasts. You can tell Addison has been wanting to touch her for a long time, and now she's getting her chance... Getting completely naked, Erin starts spreading and fingering herself, gaping wide in this open, public place and stuffing four fingers inside her! A random passer-by spots her, but doesn't get upset, and instead decides to take pictures of the girls! Going back home, Erin uses a vibrator to masturbate, ending up with a strong orgasm and visible vaginal contractions... and a little squirt too! Getting kinky, she then tries out a large cucumber in doggy style. Addison penetrates her with it, pushing it in and out of her, as deep as it can go. Then with a smaller zucchini, she tries to make it 'disappear' in her vagina by going super deep with it, then takes a second and double stuffs herself! Addison can't get her hands off her and plays with the veggies in Erin's vagina. On the bed, we get to see some nice extreme closeups of Erin's private parts, showing off her clit, then spreading and gaping her vagina. She has that ability to move her vaginal muscles, and you can see her move her gaped vagina in and out! Addison helps out with the spreading, and pulls on her long labia, stretching and twisting them. Then Addison inserts a toy into Erin's gaped vagina -- pushing it in and out slowly up close so you can see every detail of the penetration. Out at lunch, the duo let their big breasts come out, compare them, squeeze them all out in the open at the restaurant! Wanting more public nudity, they go to a busy gas station and flash the breasts and butt some more! Back indoors, Erin is introduced to the Vibraking Toy, and ends up having a very strong orgasm with multiple squirts. According to her, she had the best orgasm of her life! Then for the ultimate foot lover's shoot, the girls play with each other's feet, sucking on each other's toes, and massaging each others' breasts with their feet! Both have gorgeous feet... We then get to enjoy Erin's full breasts as she massages them hard, jiggles them about, and moves to her butt spreading and massaging it. With Addison's help spreading her butt, Erin fingers herself anally, going for two fingers and talking about her few run-ins with anal sex. For a sunset finale, Erin goes out for a jog on a hillside trail, and we get to watch those big breasts bounce about! She shows off her cameltoe and pulls her labia out from her tight yoga shorts... So enjoy this Total First Time Teen, we're happy that she came to us through the gorgeous Addison, and it was fun watching them together... both only seen here, on FTV.
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Age: 19, 5'6", 36D-26-35
77 min. Video, 391 Photos
Aug. 22, 2014
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Jul. 4, 2014
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Jun. 27, 2014
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Aubrey Davies
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May. 30, 2014
Romi Twin and Raylene Twin
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May. 23, 2014
Romi Twin and Raylene Twin
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May. 16, 2014
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May. 9, 2014
Age: 18, 5'9", 35C-25-35
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May. 2, 2014
Mary Miller and Scarlet
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Apr. 25, 2014
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Apr. 18, 2014
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Mila Brandt
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Apr. 4, 2014
Age: 19, 5'4", 34D-26-38
102 min. Video, 448 Photos
Mar. 28, 2014
Age: 19, 5'7", 36B-26-38
47 min. Video, 237 Photos
Mar. 21, 2014
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